Study: 10 States Where Students Save Big On Community College Cost

Attending community college before transferring to a four-year school is a common strategy for college cost savings. However, our latest study illustrates how students in 10 different states can save more than $15,700 while pursuing an undergraduate degree. After calculating the costs of college credits at schools nationwide, we compared the price tags of earning your […]

7 tips for chess players

7 tips for chess players Children who are fond of chess are lucky to have found a game (because you must never forget that chess is especially a game ) that will be very useful in your life. Parents are increasingly involved in the tasks and hobbies of their children, but in the case of […]

Capakhine No.2 Chess for children

After the excellent reviews received about the first issue of the Capakhine Magazine, we have in mind the challenge of continuing to offer quality content that is useful for children to improve their chess and find motivation to practice and study our game. We also hope that both the material that we offer to our […]

Chess for children Capakhine 3

Capakhine magazine continues its journey with the appearance of its third issue, which will reach our subscribers the first days of October. Supported by the satisfaction of its subscribers and the excellent unanimous assessment of the critics, we offer you a third number full of interesting contents, both in the section aimed at children, with […]