A closer look at Hailey Bieber’s extensive sneaker collection


Buzzy sneakers are the MVP of Hailey Bieber’s wardrobe. Never the type to shy away from an offbeat silhouette or a tangy color, the model is a certified sneakerhead. We can only imagine what its shoe storage situation must look like. Like her obsessive coach colleague Emily Ratajkowski, she knows the impact of a new form that is turning heads. Models have one common ground when it comes to sneakers: They have a common love for classic styles from Nike and Adidas.

While EmRata’s repertoire centers around the originals – like Nike Cortez, Adidas Sambas, and Nike Air Force 1s – Hailey prefers coveted styles. Hypebeast-approved shapes including various Jordan 1, Dunk Lows and Yeezys make up its extensive collection.

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Fashion kicks from Chanel, Balenciaga and Prada are also on the agenda. His general rule? The bigger the better. When it comes to colors, anything goes. Zesty colors like tangerine, lucky green, red, and sunshine yellow are some of her favorite hues. New Balance’s sneakers – and its many collaborations with Casablanca and Aimé Léon Dore – are in regular rotation.

Dive into Hailey Bieber’s sneaker collection, below.

Hailey Bieber can’t live without this French staple


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