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Micheal Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, known professionally as “Tyga”, is a famous American rapper, singer and songwriter. Tyga’s career as a musical artist is nothing short of a roller coaster ride, with a variety of setbacks and triumphs shaping his immense notoriety and fortune. Tyga’s first major debut Careless World: Rise of the Last King released in 2011, was critically acclaimed and featured several hit singles like Rack city, Washed out, as good as, Make it mean which has helped put the aspiring musical artist on the radar in the highly competitive entertainment arena.

The success of the American rapper would fluctuate in the years to come in the form of bad reviews from critics and bad sales of his material. However, Tyga would rebound in 2018 with the release of his hit single. Taste, culminating in 8th place in the “Billboard Hot 100” chart, giving his career a new lease of life. The immense fame and fortune accumulated by Tyga over the years has enabled the American rapper to live a lavish lifestyle, with interests ranging from posh mansions to luxury cars and tasteful jewelry.

His most unique area of ​​interest has to be his passion for sneakers, and the American rapper owns some of the most revered and personalized pairs of kicks in the world that scores big on the wow factor, in turn, making it so. snowball his passion at $ 100,000. collection.

6 Dunk Low Pro SB ‘Jedi’

These expensive sneakers are inspired by the popular Yoda character in America’s famous epic space opera franchise, “Star Wars”. First released in 2004, the ultra-stylish kicks have been well received by the masses, with their khaki, baroque brown and safari colors complementing each other perfectly.

The neon green laces of the sneakers were inspired by the futuristic lightsabers used in the Star Wars movies, which further enhanced the overall look of this great shoe. The Star Wars franchise is revered around the world, and these kicks from Nike have perfectly capitalized on that popularity, making the Dunk Low Pro SB “Jedi” is a must-have for sneaker fans around the world.

Priced north of $ 1,500, these popular sneakers take refuge in Tyga’s vast sneaker collection, easily making them one of the rapper’s most exorbitant pairs of sneakers.

5 Nike Cortez ‘Compton’ Edition

These sneakers have a pretty interesting story behind their creation that makes them all the more special. Launched in 2017, the Nike Cortez ‘Compton’ edition was designed to pay homage to the renowned and immense heritage popularity of the Nike Cortez sneaker in the town of Compton, Cortez sneakers being widely recognized in 1972 for their superior cushioning.

The all-new ‘Comptons’ 2017 are now a sizzling style statement, with their black nylon upper complemented by exquisite trim of suede overlays on the eyelets, toe and heel of the kicks, making this a shoe rather beautiful. . The overall look of these sneakers is complemented by the addition of the pretty gold brand “CPT” on the heel and a gold deubre, making it a perfect tribute to the Cortez heritage.

Priced at $ 300 in recent times, these famous ankle boots have held their value with little to no effort and are also part of Tyga’s collection, further illustrating their refined taste for footwear.

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4 Nike Air Max 180 High AMBUSH

These sneakers offer a stylish look and almost unmatched levels of comfort. The versatility of these shoes makes them a popular choice for sneakerheads around the world, with Nike’s collaboration with Tokyo-based company Ambush proving immensely successful.

The unique technique used behind the development of these kicks makes them quite special, with its creation resulting from the fusion of two classic Nike silhouettes derived from the Air Max 180 and the Zoom Flight.

The resulting masterpiece of this fusion meets functionality as well as comfort, with the Ambush edition of sneakers further reinforcing the heritage of the “Air Max” lineage as one of the best shoes ever made.

Priced north of $ 180, this unique piece of exquisite craftsmanship is highly regarded in the insane world of high-end sneakers, with its versatile nature that makes it a well-rounded and immensely desirable proposition for the masses.

3 Budapesta FS-001 Low ‘Silver Surfer’

This iconic pair of sneakers is inspired by the popular character “Silver Surfer” from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Released in 2005, this chic-looking pair of sneakers featured Signature hues that were used on its patent leather upper, laces and heel regions in a beautiful block of color.

The Silver Surfer character branding and face has been detailed on either side of the sneaker’s heel, and a cupsole and pivot point rubber outsole completed its palette to complete its unique and attractive look.

With an accurate label north of $ 2,100, the Silver Surfer Edition of the Bapesta FS-001 is a huge hit among sneaker fans and comic book enthusiasts, with demand remaining at an all time high even in recent times. .

2 Air Force 1: ‘Roc-A-Fella’ edition

These sneakers are essentially Air Force 1s from Nike, but carry the coveted “Roc-A-Fella” branding to stand out as an instant classic. These ultra-stylish sneakers wrap around a white-on-white color palette, with its sharp design language that makes it instantly recognizable as a classic Nike.

These special edition shoes, known to sneaker enthusiasts as Roc-A-Fella Records x Nike Air Force 1 Low, laid the groundwork for the record label, with the two companies’ successful collaboration leaving the masses begging for more. .

Priced north of $ 300, this classic shoe is a shining example of Tyga’s love for individuality when it comes to their shoes.

1 Budapesta Low: abandonment of Kanye West College

2007 was a special year for sneakerheads as this year saw the launch of the special edition Bapesta kicks of A Bathing Ape. These sneakers were doubly special as they were part of Kanye West’s early sneaker collaborations, featuring an all-new silhouette built from the ground up.

This rather stylish shoe featured a leather upper finished in colors and artwork inspired by Kanye West’s debut studio album, Dropout from college. These special edition Bapesta Low are highly respected by sneaker enthusiasts around the world, valuing a gargantuan $ 5,000 lately.

These kicks are undeniably one of the most sky-high pairs in Tyga’s collection, with the appreciation rate for these special edition masterpieces steadily increasing since their launch in 2007.

Tyga’s taste for sneakers envelops the same level of style and panache as his music. The American rapper’s extravagant taste includes a line of limited edition sunglasses, a wardrobe and even jewelry, but his passion for sneakers has an element of individuality. Its extensive collection of stylish kicks exudes comfort, functionality, exorbitance and an almost unparalleled component of exclusivity that helps it stand out from its other valuable collections. Tyga’s passion for sneakers is stronger than ever, and his $ 100,000-plus collection can be expected to see several more fascinating additions in the near future.

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