Aaliyah One in a Million Merch Release date, price, info


It’s 1996 again, Aaliyah’s “One In A Million” hit streaming sites and new vintage merchandise has arrived.

When Aaliyah’s tragic and untimely death came in 2001, just five years after her debut album, the world stopped. A star in her own right, she reached Hollywood, became a style icon of the time, and rocked the American soundscape. His accomplishments were no small feat, especially given the short span of time in which they were made, so it’s no surprise that fans eagerly await the opportunity to experience his star power once again.

When his debut album was announced, One in a million, and several other works including that of 2001 Aaliyah, would receive a phased deployment on streaming platforms, this opportunity presented itself. For a generation too young to live and grow with their music, the announcement marked a sort of nostalgic transition, a way to relive the ’90s beyond emulating the star’s style.

To celebrate the album’s 25th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of Aaliyah’s passing just after the turn of the century, Background Records 2.0 commemorated both occasions with a limited edition capsule collection of OIAM goods. The collection of vintage enzyme washed t-shirts, jerseys and sweatshirts have a distinctly ’90s aesthetic, designed to look like they came straight out of the merchandise booth at a concert.

Discussing the inspirations behind the creation of the product line, Emon Mulligan, SVP of Products and Ecommerce at EMPIRE, said, “We wanted to capture the feeling of an era – the One in a Million era. We have extracted images, fonts and color palettes. of the album cover and packaging to achieve this. Coincidentally, the style of this era is in Vogue right now, so the cyclical nature of the trends has worked in our favor. Her personal style was used as the main inspiration, along with other clothing and design trends of this era. “

As we’ve discussed before, artist merch is a big draw, especially for stars like Kanye West. Whether coveted or criticized (we’re looking at you, Drake), the clothes have the ability to bring fans closer to the artist. Emon acknowledges this and goes on to say, “Artist merchandise, in many ways, is very personal to fans, it’s one thing to casually stream a song from a playlist, but to come out. your credit card and buy something that you’re going to wear for the world to see – it’s a special relationship. So we hope existing fans will remember Aaliyah’s light, and for new fans , we hope that will keep that light shining for another two decades and beyond. “

It is undeniable that Aaliyah’s music has transcended generations and as new collections of merchandise are coming out alongside the rollout of her music reissue, it seems her light will continue to shine.

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