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Whether it’s 1988’s audacity from the free throw line, 1991’s soaring reverse hands or any number of rocking dunks he perfected in Carolina, Michael Jordan holds some of the most memorable jump streaks in basketball. the story. These moments are a scientific sandbox for Nike’s Sport Research Lab (NSRL), which can dissect an action in less than 10 seconds and translate it into years of intense study and lab testing to design shoes that serve the most talented movers in the world. the sport. Bringing together modern insights from sports research and a modern treatment of reductive layering, the Air Jordan XXXVII is a top-to-bottom performance system for flight.

While the Air Jordan XXXVII is designed for multi-directional play, the shoe’s components are rooted in NSRL’s study of the three stages of jumping: crash, load, and launch. For the crash phase (think instantaneous deceleration when jumping, or even landing when bouncing), the heel of the shoe features a TPU mold encasing responsive Formula 23 foam, which acts as a landing pad for all that energy. in the ground. Jordan Brand‘s new flagship foam, the Formula 23, is designed to be lightweight and responsive, and it’s one of the most durable performance foams made by a NIKE, Inc. brand. conduit transferring motion from the heel to the midfoot. That’s why a carbon fiber midfoot shank returns to the Jordan signature line for the first time since the Air Jordan XXXII. Finally, the launch phase – the moment of lift-off – is configured by the strobel Zoom Air unit with the additional forefoot unit for double stacking of the foot pad.

The upper is a new exploration from Lenoweave that uses a yarn called Arkema, a variety of monofilament that is both strong and flexible. The design of the Lenoweave pattern itself, as well as the profile of the tooling, is inspired by the AJ VII and the hand-crafted craftsmanship of West African basket weaving. Support zones in the upper are modeled after the strap configuration of sandals and ankle tape. This pattern not only provides containment in the areas most needed, similar to a layered Huarache exoskeleton, it also adds to the handcrafted nature of the shoe’s design.

The Beyond Borders colorway of the Air Jordan XXXVII releases in September. The Hare colorway will release later in Fall 2022.

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