Andy Warhol’s sketches are on sale for $ 250 each. Only one is real


1,000 Andy Warhol sketches are for sale, each priced at $ 250. But 999 are fakes. Only one is real.

This is the latest art concept from the Brooklyn-based MSCHF collective, known for their provocative and viral creations.

This particular exhibition is called “Museum of Counterfeits” and is based on a sketch by Andy Warhol entitled “Fairies”. It consists of three naked fairies playing with a skipping rope and was sold by Christie’s in April 2016 for $ 8,125.

The sketch is now worth around $ 20,000, according to Daniel Greenberg, MSCHF’s director of revenue.

This means that one lucky person will earn $ 19,750, while the other 999 will get a fairly decent counterfeit. However, the real winner will be MSCHF. If they sell all of the paintings, they will bring in about $ 250,000 in income.

Although they have a C-suite, MSCHF employees are reluctant to call themselves a business and have instead called themselves a “new generation street art collective”. They create products and experiences that ignite social commentary through luxury art and fashion.

The MSCHF hopes that their “Museum of Fakes” will cause a sensation by highlighting the pretension of art collectors and the arbitrary value of great works of art.

“Ubiquity is the obscurity in which novelty and the avant-garde die their truest death. More than torn canvases or burnt pages, the democratization of access or ownership destroys all founded work. on exclusivity, ”says MSCHF on its site.

By making valuable art accessible to ordinary people, the collective reduces the idea that only the elite can own famous works of art.

“By burying a needle in a pile of needles, we are making the original as much a fake as any of our replications,” writes MSCHF.

The art collective used a complex process to generate the forgeries involving precise machine-generated replication on paper and aging the paper to match the original. The artists then mixed the hundreds of copies in a pile with the authentic sketch and put a thousand online for sale.

After all, would most people be able to tell the difference?

A million dollar puzzle and Satan’s shoes

In the past, MSCHF launched big hits like “The 1 Million Dollar Puzzle”, where people who bought it could earn anywhere from 25 cents to $ 1,000,000. They just had to complete the puzzle, a massive QR code they can scan.

This year, MSCHF collaborated with rapper Lil Nas X on the incendiary Satan shoes, a modified version of the Nike Air Max 97 with Satanic symbolism. Only 666 pairs went on sale for $ 1,018, a reference to Luke 10:18, a Bible verse about Satan’s fall from heaven. The shoes sold immediately, according to MSCHF.

Then came a Nike lawsuit and some social media fury.

Nike Satan Shoes Pursuit: The Satan shoes of Lil Nas X voluntarily recalled in the context of the settlement of the lawsuit against Nike

Sale of Lil Nas X’s incendiary Satan shoes was halted after Nike was granted a temporary injunction against MSCHF, meaning MSCHF was unable to fulfill shoe orders.

“People go through customs all the time, that was never a problem,” tweeted Lil Nas X. “Nike only stopped selling the shoe because a powerful group of people pushed them to do it.”

Nike eventually struck a deal with MSCHF and announced in a statement to USA TODAY that it would repurchase all Satan shoes at their original retail price in order to remove the product from circulation.

Bryan Alexander from USA TODAY contributed.

Contact reporter Michelle Shen on Twitter @ michelle_shen10.

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