Atkins Joins Global Nature-Related Financial Disclosure Task Force

Atkins has become a member of the Nature-Related Financial Disclosure (TNFD) Task Force Forum. The international initiative was recently created to support a shift in global finance towards more nature-friendly outcomes.

Atkins joins the forum along with world-renowned organizations in industries such as finance and energy as well as government departments and environmental specialists. Membership in the Forum, which supports the work of the Task Force and TNFD’s mission in general, will allow Atkins not only to contribute its expertise and knowledge, but also to draw on that expertise to support its customers.

Claire Wansbury, associate director for ecology at Atkins, said joining the Forum helps Atkins ensure that it is well placed to make a difference in how it operates and impacts nature.

She said: “Through membership in this forum, Atkins now contributes to a global, multi-disciplinary task force dealing with a global emergency, where we are able to share our expertise and knowledge on the matter, and to be part of an advisory network of over 400 TNFD supporters. This really puts Atkins at the forefront of the conversation, which explains how we advise our clients accordingly.

“This is an important position to fill and bring together our combined knowledge and expertise in assessing and assessing impacts on the natural world, our excellence in nature-based opportunities and our experience in relation to the Task Force on Climate Finance Disclosure Framework (TCFD).

“It’s also about the impact we can have on what we do as a business. Approaches such as natural flood management, for example, have a better impact on the environment and allow us to understand the implications of what we are doing and how it all fits together in terms of the natural balance of the landscape in which you work. Ultimately, we’ll help businesses, including our customers, make better decisions about their impact on nature. »

The TNFD was created in recognition that damage to the natural world caused by commercial activity creates a number of long-term risks. However, financial institutions and companies do not necessarily have the information they need to understand the impact of nature on their financial performance.

According to the TNFD, better information “will enable financial institutions and companies to integrate nature-related risks and opportunities into their strategic planning, risk management and asset allocation decisions”.

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