Childish Major flexes with Bottega Veneta and custom Air Max 95s on “In My Bag”


Childish Major is helping us bring “In My Bag” back with a brand new episode.

We’re back with a new episode of In my bag! After a month-long hiatus, we return with Childish Major, who has unpacked his suitcase to show off some of his essentials.

Fresh out of the release of his new project Thank God. For everything, Childish Major checked in and gave us an exclusive preview of his bag to see what kind of stuff the famous artist brings with him to town.

He started off with a bunch of white t-shirts he bought from Target, explaining that you can never go wrong with too many white or black t-shirts. Then he showed off a self-explanatory must-have: his phone charger. He then unwrapped cotton swabs, which he considers a very important item to keep at all times.

“It’s an essential, not the cheap kind!” he says of the Q-tips. “If you have the plastic in the middle, you don’t really clean your ears properly. They actually say it’s bad for you, but I kind of have a weird addiction to cotton swabs. know. “

He then showed off his new product and more, but one of the coolest things in his bag has to be his shoes. Revealing that he usually travels with a suitcase full of different shoe options, Childish Major pulled out a few clean Bottega Veneta kicks before flaunting his custom Nike Air Max 95.

Celebrate the return of In my bag by checking out the last episode above. You can also watch the recent episode of Snacks review with Childish Major below.

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