COLUMN: Taxation and the modern liberal mentality | Chroniclers


Consider, for example, the transformation towards socialism that many are attempting in this country. The utter stupidity of this choice, in light of the evidence to the contrary, is another puzzle. I mean the drivel we hear from Bernie Sanders, Alexander Ocasio-Cortez and, yes, our president confuses me endlessly. I do not understand. Biden gets a one-tier pass due to his recent age-induced mental decline. He should know better, but he just doesn’t. As a result, the far-left fanatics of the party wield undue influence.

Rather than the massive spending and resulting taxation that the Biden administration is proposing, the focus should be on the many ways we can reduce government spending. This, however, would require restraint on the part of politicians at all levels of government.

It is also mind-boggling the number of ordinary Americans who are willing and willing to pay more and more taxes to fund whatever government program they support. Where does it end? The more the government confiscates, the more it spends and the more it has to confiscate to fund the social safety nets currently in place, despite the programs offered as part of Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion package.

Every time I hear someone admit they’re willing to pay more taxes, I cringe. Admitting this is a harmless act, usually free of the risk of it happening more than every few years. However, I have a more immediate solution for those who are willing to pay more money to government agencies. In particular, whenever I hear a wealthy person make this admission, as Mark Cuban recently did, I yearn for a federally backed mechanism that allows for just that — the ability to remit the amount one has. desires the federal bureaucracy. Want to pay more taxes? We can help you, Kemosabe. This is your website. Have at it.

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