Elise By Olsen is on a ‘never ending journey’



Wallet maybe wrapped but founder Élise by Olsen is nothing if not productive. Even during the start-stop quarantines imposed in her native Norway, she can’t help but create.

By Olsen created Endless journey, a particularly personal five-minute short film, with the help of creatives who live locally, including Wallet creative director Morteza Vaseghi and director Leonard van Vuuren. To hell with the limitations in the event of a pandemic!

” I worked on [Never Ending Journey] throughout this year as I was injured after a skiing accident in February, ”said By Olsen. “The year gave me the time to think that I really needed. Limits and restrictions also arose. This was the perfect time to explore my practice and artistic forms even more. The film we created reflects that. “

Rightly described by By Olsen as “surrealist” Endless journey see the International Fashion Research Library director limping around Norway on her temporary crutches and ruminating on the current state of the fashion industry in voiceover.

“The current fashion climate is saturated, overwhelming, almost grotesque in its speed,” says By Olsen. “It is a vehicle for desire, for pleasure, for people. … Resistance is a driving force.”

She is “in search of a work-life balance”, among other things, and the truly breathtaking Norwegian landscape – the backdrop for a walk in one of the The polar starelectric cars – sets the scene pretty well.

“As a young woman, I am anything that most auto insurance companies would consider high liability, which makes this [partnership] quite unexpected, ”admits By Olsen.

Although By Olsen is only in her twenties, she is a true industry vet. In the past she has produced videos for clients like adidas but Endless journey is purely motivated by personal interests.

She knows as well as anyone the drifts and constraints inherent in the profession, Endless journey is not a total industry shipment. It’s more of a public wish that, even with a mutilated leg, By Olsen will continue on his never-ending journey to a brighter future.


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