Five crazy ideas for neon lights


Guess what? Your search for a new modern inner love is over. If you’re looking to get out of the ordinary, you’ve come to the right place, buddy. Here’s the saint-pierre you need – if in doubt, light it up with neon! These rustic yet futuristic designs will infuse your surroundings with a soft and romantic glow.

As they are quickly gaining popularity, we’ve thought of a few crazy ideas you could try. Warning! They will really make neon lights an irresistible idea.

1. Highlighter shades

Get the fancy fashion show decor right at your doorstep with the current neon craze. They not only look cool hanging on the wall, but bring sophistication. Bright colors combine with light accents to achieve that finesse your heart dreams of. From neon yellow to blue, there is a whole palette to experiment with. Make that next gram click, a sensational climax!

2. My style, my rule, my neon sign, my cool

There are over a million words or designs that can be used to create the neon lights. So many possibilities to change your world, and they are all readily available. If your style doesn’t think outside the box, there are some bold colors for the rescue. Choose from a collection or create your own; the lights will definitely wear a piece of you like a tattoo.

3. Take out the tube

Another fashion to try is neon tube shaped. Hang it up for some drama, jazz, and spice that will downright dazzle. It’s so simple and yet makes a strong impression. If you place them strategically, they will even look like lightsabers. Wouldn’t that be great? The ambient fluorescence emits a breathtaking glow that will cause you to light up a few tunes and relax!

4. Display Photoshop OG style

Let any brick wall speak the language of a graphic designer with Photoshop-style neon lights. Different fonts, the mix of colors, contrasts, sizes, name it, and there will be a modification to try. Swing towards bright hues or choose pastels. The wilder it is, the more each dinner party will find it to be a hot topic to discuss. Who said Photoshop only shakes up the digital world?

5. Keep It Classic, Keep It Neon Lit

Typically, if neon lights were to be categorized into a personality, it would be bright and vivid colors. Unique stenciled patterns mixed with a play of shadows and shadows will make the sign stand out. There is nothing quite like going old fashioned and having a quote or design that you absolutely love to hang up on. It’s not just pubs or official buildings that should have these lights. You can bring the essence of New York, Tokyo, Paris, all right to your home. So, are we talking about class?

These only touch the base that the neon world can open to you. Don’t we like to try new adventures? Let’s try one more. It’s not about being random, but soaking up the fact that you deserve to indulge yourself every now and then. Once you switch to neon, you would like to keep the neon!

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