Former Liverpool and Real Madrid player Steve McManaman tells Jurgen Klopp to target Atletico Madrid’s João Félix



Steve McManaman urged Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool to consider signing Portuguese striker from Atletico Madrid João Félix.

The former Liverpool and Real Madrid midfielder believes Klopp’s side would get the most out of Felix who has not progressed as expected since signing for Diego Simeone’s side.

Félix is ​​not suited to Atletico’s style of play

Speaking in his column in horse McManaman questioned whether the style of football played by the Simeone side got the most out of the 21-year-old.

“João Félix is ​​one of the most talked about European football prospects, but he struggled to find his best form in Spain.”

“I think it goes without saying that Liverpool’s style of football would suit him better than that of his current club, Atlético Madrid.

” It’s easy. Atlético Madrid are not playing with their strengths and Liverpool can.

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Fernando Torres comparison

The BT sports expert went on to say that he viewed Felix’s situation as similar to that of Fernando Torres who struggled when he left Liverpool to go to Chelsea.

“Sometimes you play in teams where you fit in, sometimes you play in teams where you don’t. The best example is Fernando Torres. He has adapted to Liverpool without a problem.”

“Then he went to Chelsea, they played a different style of football, and he didn’t adapt. It’s the same with João Félix. He went to Atlético and their style of football doesn’t match not at its strengths. “

Any business likely to be expensive

McManaman added, however, that with Atletico having shelled such a huge cost to the player, any potential deal won’t be cheap.

“But after spending £ 113million Atlético Madrid would like to take a lot of money away from him.”

LFCTR Verdict

The move to the Spanish club shocked a lot of footballers at the time as it didn’t feel natural.

Liverpool fans saw flashes of Felix’s talent in the Champions League meeting between the two clubs on Tuesday, but that likely sums up his Atletico career so far where he has shown signs of shining but not consistently.

A move would therefore apparently be beneficial for the youngster, but due to the cost involved, this move is unlikely to be to Liverpool.

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