From Naruto to Sonic the Hedgehog, 5 best pop culture sneaker collabs

In recent years, some of the most popular sneaker releases have been inspired by the most popular TV shows, movies, and cartoons of the past and present.

Apart from movies and cartoons, major web series such as The iron Throne, stranger things, Money theft, and others are now teaming up with sportswear giants such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok and PUMA. These collaborations actively boost the footwear market.

Not only are shoe companies turning to pop culture, but the opposite end has received a comparable response.

Style enthusiasts and pop culture fans who are easily captivated by the present and the nostalgic look forward to shoe partnerships. That’s why fancy shoe fusions, whether anime-inspired shoes or TV and movie-themed kicks, rarely fail.

If you love pop culture, this list is for you, as we’ve compiled some of the best pop culture sneaker collabs.

Five exciting pop culture sneaker collaborations

1) naruto x Jordan Sion 1

In April 2022, Zion Williamson of Pelicans teamed up with Nike’s Jordan label to create a new collection of Jordan Zion 1 silhouettes. The duo, who were later joined by the coveted Naruto Shippudenresulted in three new designs based on the Japanese manga series.

Three new versions of the Zion 1 silhouette have been released in the collection’s footwear line. The three shades are unique interpretations of Naruto’s distinct characters.

The first pair, namely naruto x Jordan Zion 1 SP “Six Paths Sage”, is the most admirable part of the collection. These sneakers featured an orange and yellow construction. Naruto’s Six Paths Sage mode inspired these sneakers.

To add even more depth, the rear of the shoe featured a graphic pattern similar to that featured on the protagonist’s coat in six-path sage mode.

the naruto x Jordan Zion 1 SP “Six Paths of Madara” is the second colorway in the collection. Fashioned with hues of “white/college red/black”, the pair displayed Naruto’s Rinne Sharingan dojutsu on their tongue tags. The sneakers are decorated in black and white in a confused pattern and detailed in red throughout.

The third style is named as naruto x Jordan Zion 1 SP “Kurama Rage”. This pair arrived in a “black/orange/chili red” tone, guided by the power Naruto draws from Kurama.

All three colorways are sold through Nike’s e-commerce website as well as select outlets. The shoe collection is priced at $130.

2) sonic hedgehog x Fila

sonic the hedgehogThe iconic sneakers from were brought to life by PARAMOUNT Pictures and FILA to mark the release of the famous hedgehog’s second feature film.

The movie studios and shoemaker announced their collaboration on March 31, 2022, in honor of sonic the hedgehog 2released in theaters on April 8 in the United States.

Ray Tracer Evo x Sonic 2, a slip-on shoe inspired by Sonic’s shoes from the movie Sonic the hedgehog 2was mentioned by the team.

FILA has teamed up with Paramount Pictures to release the Ray Tracer Evo x Sonic 2, a unisex sneaker inspired by the iconic Sonic shoe seen in the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie. The Ray Tracer Evo x Sonic 2 is available now at @Sonicmovie #Sonicmovie2

The bold red laceless bootie featured a wide white stripe, which was placed over it. Slip-on shoes, which had chunky white soles, were popular with Hedgehog worship.

These playful red pairs have launched for $110 each via FILA’s online store.

3) Nikex stranger things Cortez “OG Collection”

stranger things left a lasting influence on today’s aesthetic, with fans flocking to vintage graphic tees, lightly faded jeans, fun designer shirts and more.

In July 2019, Nike tapped into the series’ popularity and gifted their fans with some brilliant Cortez sneakers as part of their “OG Collection” collaboration. These two-tone shoes were priced at $120 and were sold through Nike’s online stores.

Made with University Red and White, premium leathers have been used to craft the uppers. The slick red body of the shoes was nicely adorned with white swooshes as well as heel tabs.

The most eye-catching was the Nike x stranger things mark, which was placed on the tongues.

4) Adidas x South Park collection

Adidas has wowed its followers with a variety of pop culture engagements over the years. The 2022 adventure with South Park surely captured the minds of the sneaker world. The dynamic duo recently launched an assortment of their sneakers.

The Comedy Central series has created six new shoe designs for this new venture, all of which are guided by distinct characters from the series.

The Forum Low, a model inspired by 1980s basketball, was dressed in classic leather and bright colors and was inspired by the clothes of the central character Cartman.

The NMD R1 V2, meanwhile, came dressed in Turquoise and Silver, a colorway typified by Butters’ evil alter ego, Professor Chaos. The turquoise rods were adorned with silver leaf elements.

As part of the lineup, Kyle Broflovski also received his very own Superstar, which comes in a bright green and satsuma colorway to match the character’s attire.

The Stan Smith, another adidas classic, has been revamped to look like Stan Marsh’s blue and red poofball cap, with a shiny blue leather upper and red sole. The most ecological of South Park‘s pack, these have been created from a variety of repurposed materials, with at least 50% recycled components at the top.

Next up are these NMD R1 sneakers, which have arrived in a colorway inspired by Kenny’s famous character’s Mandarin costume. The premium knitted uppers have brown laces and red detailing on the sides. Moreover, the interior of South Park The NMD R1s are rendered blurry, like the lining of Kenny’s signature parka.

The Forum Low AWESOM-O 4000 was decorated as the evil twin of Cartman’s paper robot, concluding the collection. The mud brown shoes are decorated with silver embellishments. Additionally, the upper features eye and mouth designs made with black, curly spring strings.

All pairs were released exclusively through Foot Locker with prices starting at $100.

5) Adidas x The iron Throne

adidas x Game of Thrones collab (Image via Sportskeeda)
adidas x Game of Thrones collab (Image via Sportskeeda)

After considerable anticipation and buzz, Adidas Running has finally collaborated with HBO’s iconic drama series The iron Throne in 2019.

The iron Throne has been creating waves in the entertainment landscape since its debut in 2011, elevating the world of Thrones to firmly establish itself in modern pop culture.

Adidas reinterpreted the iconic House and People of Thrones in sneaker form ahead of the eighth season. The collaboration included a set of six limited-edition Ultraboost sneakers. Each pair has been meticulously created to reflect the personalities, colors and attributes of the heroes and villains they refer to.

The shoes contain subtle references to the various warring clans of Westeros. On the tongue was their faction’s insignia, and on their heels was their motto. The Adidas x The iron Throne The Ultraboost design combines performance-driven sneaker science with a striking and distinctive visual aesthetic, featuring house elements inspired by the show.

Every shoe in the line has been incorporated with BOOST midsole technology for unlimited power output. Additionally, Primeknit uppers for efficient performance, the famous heel counter for flexibility, support and opulent materials complete the shoes. Each pair of this pop culture sneaker collaboration sold for $180.

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