FW22 Trends Highsnobiety Staff Are Buying

It’s hot, in case you haven’t noticed. Between racking up massive air conditioning bills and braving record-breaking heat waves, Highsnobiety’s New York and London-based teams fantasized about the freezing weather.

With these fantasies, of course, comes the necessary planning. Unaffected by sweat and grip, what will our fall crises be like? What new pieces are we integrating — or at least dreaming of integrating — into our winter wardrobes?

Let’s dive into the Highsnobiety team’s dreamy Fall ’22 pieces, from Bottega Veneta’s leather tank top to JW Anderson’s elephant-print sweater dress.

Louis Vuitton’s carpenter pants

“In a dream world where I didn’t have to worry about my checking account balance, I’d buy these carpenter jeans in a heartbeat. I usually can’t stand all-over monograms, but I think I’ve been looking for these “destroyed” Japanese boro floral stockings all my life. Flowers for FW22? Revolutionary. But actually.” – Elaine YJ Lee, Editor-in-Chief

Bottega Veneta leather tank top

“If I could receive any item from a luxury brand’s FW22 collection, it would be hard to choose anything other than Bottega Veneta’s leather tank top. As a year-round tank top lover, I see so many benefits: it’s inherently insulating, free of any garish branding, long enough to store, and much more stylish than HeatTech. Too bad it’s 1,000 times more expensive than Uniqlo. – Jake Silvert, Editor

Sacai x Nike Cortez Zoom

“Since hitting the net in January, the Nike Cortez Zoom sneakers from sacai have been high on my wish list. Sacai’s lined details pair with the famous Forrest Gumps? The sacai x Nike Cortez was a obvious to me, AKA someone who is a big fan of all of sacai’s Nike projects and the OG Cortez silhouette I have big plans for a sacai x Nike Cortez rotation if the sneaker gods be good to me on release day.- Morgan Smith, Style Editor

Acne Studios tie-dye track pants

“I first saw a sample of this in April, and have been thinking about it ever since. Living in London, I already know we’re going to have a cold, dark autumn, so get comfortable in some trousers Fleece couldn’t be a better idea. Plus, the color is guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest of days. – Tora Northman, Head of TikTok

Stone Island Shadow Project leather jacket

“Honestly, I’ve never been so excited for the temperatures to drop. As soon as the cold winter breeze hits, I set my sights on Stone Island Shadow Project. I feel like I don’t having donned a jacket for years – Shadow Project FW22 has some tasty options, and this piece in particular gives Seraph from The Matrix I Need It – Sam Cole, Style Editor

JW Anderson’s elephant dress

How cute is JW Anderson’s elephant print? ! Colorful, George Condo-esque, and vaguely reminiscent of the dream sequence in Dumbo, Anderson’s fall mascot adorns outerwear, t-shirts and accessories, but his most charming rendition appears on a cozy sweater dress, knitted with three bright orange elephants stacked in a neat column. Circus animals have never looked so good. – Alexandra Pauly, style editor

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