INNERSECT 2021 announces Jerry Lorenzo as co-curator


Founded in 2017 INSECT quickly became one of the world’s most influential dates on the streetwear and style calendar, with the 2019 edition drawing over 66,000 visitors in just three days. This year, INSECT take things up a notch. For its 2021 edition, East Asia’s premier art, fashion and cultural event has chosen Fear of God’s Jerry Lorenzo as its very first co-curator. Together, they will present a deep and immersive experience that promises to take visitors to the heart of the most stimulating aspects of today’s culture.

The three-day festival will revolve around a unifying theme of “balance”, which seeks to explore “an alternative approach to the constraints of trends,” as INNERSECT founder Kaufmann Zhang puts it. These alternative paths will be traveled not only by Lorenzo, but by the wealth of inspiring global innovators that the festival connects each year through interactions with guest designers and a stacked program of lectures, drops and events.

Additionally, INNERSECT 2021 will host the first Fear of God experience – an activation that aims to bring festival visitors into the brand’s “creative atmosphere”. Specifically, explains Lorenzo, it will bring the world of Fear of God to life through our three pillars, Fear of God, ESSENTIALS and Fear of God Athletics with adidas. This is the first time that we are activating the three pillars together, which will allow our community to better understand who we are.

Community has been at the forefront of the Fear of God brand since its inception in 2012, a fact that Zhang says resonates with the founding of INNERSECT and was the reason for their partnership. “Lorenzo has fully demonstrated that his impact on the creative industry knows no borders,” he says. “From luxury to sportswear, it resonates perfectly with our values, shares the same progressive mentality on contemporary culture, and embodies the intersection of aesthetics, authenticity and diversity. INNERSECT has always been dedicated to inspiring, guiding and empowering young people. With Lorenzo, we will present a conscious and community experience that unravels and goes beyond the desire of consumers. “

While the lineup for INNERSECT 2021 has yet to be announced, we guarantee it’s one you won’t want to miss, especially as Lorenzo tapped his strong network for an intimate exchange of experiences and values. Or, as he puts it, “my family and friends [will be] bustling with us, creating a space to share authentic stories.

INNERSECT will take place in Shanghai from December 10 to 12. Stay tuned here for more announcements.

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