KITH Classics x Russell Collaboration Collection



Mark: KITH x Russell

Season: Fall / Winter 2021

Release date: October 8

To buy: KITH website and stores

Editor’s Notes: If anyone wasn’t sure who Fall / Winter 2021 belonged to, let there be no confusion, KITH’s massive 10th anniversary celebration dominates the season, from collaborations to apparel to Clarks.

The Fall 1 The main collection is the gem of the KITH kitchen, but KITH Classics x Russell is another gem.

As in Fall 1, the Russell Collaboration takes a look at KITH Palette, a selection of 30 strong colors that best represent KITH’s design elements.

In general, the Kith palette is quite desaturated, bursting with shades of gray, beige and navy blue. This played an important role in the formation of recent KITH drops, but Anniversary Designs bring the palette to the fore, calling out tones like “Quicksand,” “Asteroid,” “Plaster,” and “Waffle”.

All quite similar to us mere mortals, but a world of their own for Ronnie Fieg and his team, who frequently mix and match hues to create KITH’s distinctly modular pods.

KITH and Russell worked together for years now, but FW21 is a defining moment for the pair, who are dropping a collaborative line of KITH Classics.

These are the simplest and most accessible pieces from KITH, stripped down to the central silhouette. So it’s no surprise that the ensuing 30-piece collection, directly related to the number of colors in KITH’s palette, is as portable as it gets.

Plenty of hoodies, crewnecks, quarter-zips, turtleneck shirts and sweatpants are on hand, all subject to enzyme washing, co-branding, and the occasional patchwork treatment. Faded pieces end up looking like vintage basics before they’ve even been worn, fulfilling the versatile appeal of the Palette.

And, precisely because, KITH is launching the cozy sets with the ultimate shoes of fall: corduroy slippers lined with fleece. Of course, these are done in tones that blend perfectly with loungewear, because there is nothing worse than an uncoordinated house shoe.


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