Mid-Valley’s best cross-country racers ahead of district meets

Sprague runner Sara Abbott placed fourth at the Mountain Valley Conference cross country championships in her freshman year and junior season.

Now as a senior, she has the fastest time in the new Central Valley conference entering Wednesday’s district meet at Bush’s Pasture Park.

“Sara’s strengths as a runner are her dedication to racing, her ability to be a great team leader and always having goals to achieve,” said Sprague coach Debora Deleon. “She has shown that by coming to every practice from June onwards, she always gives 100 per cent and consistently shows courage in all of her practices and races.”

Abbott clocked a conference record 18:23.2 on Sept. 16 at the Meriwether CC Classic.

North Salem rookie Nelida Dalgas is second in the conference with a time of 18:36.7.

“This season, I have seen Sara improve in several areas, starting with her leadership qualities. She has become a highly respected leader, including leading the team during warm-ups and consistently adopting a strong work ethic. Sprague assistant coach Barry Jahn said.

“Another area of ​​improvement is her ability to get through tough times when the body just doesn’t feel 100%. She’s able to focus better and deal with temporary setbacks,” Jahn said. “And lastly, her mental preparation has improved dramatically. She has confidence in workouts, visualizes races ahead of time, consistently executing and saying ‘goodbye’ to distractions and negative thoughts.

On the boys’ side, West Salem junior Jack Meier clocked a conference best time of 15:08.3, a personal best he set on Oct. 8 at the Nike Hole in the Wall XC Invitational.

Meier finished third in the MVC Championships last season.

I think I’ve improved this season by changing the way I approach racing. I’m not so nervous now when I think about races,” Meier said. “Now I’m thrilled to have the chance to go compete and race with some of the fastest people in the country, and it’s made me feel more relaxed in the races and run faster times as well. .”

West Salem as a team has the six fastest boys in CVC this season in terms of season best times.

“My goal for the district meet is to help my team win the conference championship any way I can,” Meier said. “And keep the momentum we’ve built over the season leading up to the state meet.”

Jack Meier, West Salem.

Central Valley Conference (6A)

Girls best time: Sara Abbott, Sprague (18:23.2)

Rest of the top 5: Nelida Dalgas, North Salem (18:36.7); Gitte Lonigan, West Salem (18:54.1); Avery Meier, West Salem (19:18.7); Jocelyne Schnurbush, McNary (19:25.7).

Best Boy Times: Jack Meier, West Salem (15:08.3)

Rest of the top 5: Brady Bliven, West Salem (15:25.3); Logan Schwartz, West Salem (15:44.0); Isaac McDonald, West Salem (16:10.8); Garrett Fenske, West Salem (16:11.0)

Mi-Willamette Conference (5A)

Girls best time: Emily Wisniewski, Crescent Valley (17:42.8)

Local girls in the top 10: 3. Kelsey Rodli, Dallas (19:07.2)

Best Boy Times: Kanoa Blake, Crescent Valley (15:17.8)

Local boys in the top 10: 4. Ty Cirino, Center (16:31.5); 5. JD Arthur, Silverton (16:42.6); 8. Quinton Powell, Silverton (17:11.6)

Western Oregon Conference (4A)

Girls best time: Adele Beckstead, Philomathe (19:16.3)

Local girls in the top 10: 2. Haley Butenschoen, Stayton (20:03.1); 5. Hope Bridge, Stayton (20:34.6); 10. Makaila Kuenzi, Waterfall (21:56.7)

Best Boy Times: Mateo Candanoza, Philomath (16:08.7)

Local boys in the top 10: 7. Ethan Kuntz, Waterfall (17:58.8)

District 2 boys (3A)

Best time: Benjamin Bourne, Santiam Christian (15:43.2)

Locals in the top 10: 6. Brennan Hake, Friendship (18:04.7)

District 2 girls (3A/2A/1A)

Best time: Daisy Lalonde, East Linn Christian (18:36.6)

Locals in the top 10: 2. Kalkidan Ellis, Western Christian (20:31.3); 3. Yulissa Chavez Cortez, Kennedy (20:56.4); 4. Athena Lau, Scio (21:05.7); 6. Clara Persons, Regis (21:22.0); 9. Nora Brenden, Kennedy (22:02.3); 10. Averie Peterson, Santiam (22:07.3)

District 2 boys (2A/1A)

Best time: Luke Ellis, Western Christian (17:43.3)

Locals in the top 10: 6. Noah Lutz, Blanchet (18:47.4); 7. Jeremiah Traeger, Kennedy (19:10.1); 8. Donnell Yazzie, Chemawa (19:19.1); 9. Jose Cruz, Willamina (19:20.3); 10. Ian Martinez, Western Christian (19:40.9)

Departmental cross-country program

Central Valley Conference (6A): Scheduled for October 26 at Bush’s Pasture Park.

Mi-Willamette Conference (5A): Scheduled for Oct. 29 at Willamette Mission State Park in Brooks.

Oregon Western Conference (4A): Scheduled for October 29 at Philomath High School.

District 2 Boys (3A): Scheduled for October 27 at Cheadle Lake Park in Lebanon.

District 2 girls (3A/2A/1A): Scheduled for October 27 at Cheadle Lake Park in Lebanon.

District 2 boys (2A/1A): Scheduled for October 27 at Cheadle Lake Park in Lebanon.

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