MSCHF sells Chick Fil-A on Sunday


From cutting Birkin bags to make sandals to melting an AR-15 to form a sword for Grimes’ Met Gala look, the rising enfant terrible of the fashion world, MSCHF, is no stranger to sting the bear with their versions. The Brooklyn-based art collective is perhaps best known for their blood-soaked Nike Air Max 97 collaboration with Lil Nas X which resulted in a lawsuit against the company as well as many outraged conservatives and it looks like they probably won’t. also be satisfied with the last drop of MSCHF.

MSCHF’s latest project sees the collective take on Chick Fil-A with his “Sunday Service”. Aiming at the fast food chain’s religious ties and their policy of closing their doors on Sabbaths, MSCHF offers Sunday delivery of real Chick Fil-A chicken sandwiches repackaged in a special “666” bag with an equally blasphemous napkin. of the Shroud of Turin. all at the devilishly low price of $ 6.66.

“Some American values ​​go hand in hand,” states the Sunday Service manifesto. “For example, conservative Christianity pairs perfectly with a corresponding devout faith in the ‘free market.’ That being so, damn it, let’s take advantage of the obvious vacuum left by the Sabbath service of the notoriously Christian restaurant chain Chik-fil-A.” The market finds a way, “and, in this case, it is the road to hell. Greet Satan and eat Mor Chikin on holy days.”

Those interested in getting their own Chick Fil-A sandwich are encouraged to sign up for the Sunday Service on the MSCHF website, where customers will receive a purchase link later on September 26, while supplies last. . And just in case you’re wondering whether or not Chick Fil-A may or may not be affiliated with MSCHF’s Last Drop, the website has a button that allows users to tweet the Chickens Channel thanking them for “spitting out. in the face of God “.

There are of course logistical issues with delivering Chick Fil-A sandwiches on a day when none of these stores are actually open. First of all, the sandwiches will need to be a day or two since they will not be able to restock on the same day with MSCHF saying in their terms and conditions, “Consume at your own risk, customer assumes.[s] ALL RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH resulting from the use of the product. “

Chick Fil-A has not commented yet.

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