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For a number of years, celebrities have found many ways to capitalize on their cultural influence by diversifying outside of their respective industries. This is especially the case with popular musicians, many musical artists have sought creative expression and new monetary opportunities by creating their own fashion brands. It gives fans a new way to support their favorite artists. Accompanied with success by several music icons, here are some artists who have been able to extend their creative brilliance to a new frontier of fashion.

Tyler the creator

During his ten-year career as one of hip-hop’s most unconventional artists, Tyler Okonma has established himself as a serious force to be reckoned with in the creative world, beyond music as well. . The rapper-designer has made a unique presence in the fashion world for quite some time, starting in 2011 with the release of his own streetwear brand: Golf Wang. Showcasing graphics-rich designs that reflect his streetwear roots in Los Angeles, Tyler has practically given fans direct access to his own wardrobe, a quirky fashion sense he’s been known for since his teenage years.

While Golf Wang has been doing well for all these years, Tyler has decided to improve his game with the recent debut of a new luxury brand, Golf le Fleur, taking her fashion style to new heights. The collection includes high-end clothing including mohair cardigans, buttons, vests and polo shirts under a cohesive pastel palette of light blues, oranges and faded greens. While no clothing items were officially released, the brand’s announcement was quickly followed by the release of its very first fragrance, French Waltz, a unisex floral musk, as well as a line of nail polish, Available in baby blue, orange and glitter.

On December 4, 2021, Tyler celebrated his new Golf le Fleur collection with a flintstones-inspired pop-up store on top of a mountain in Malibu, Calif., Turning into an invitation-only event where his friends were able to check out his new products first. hand. From LA skate punk to luxury icon Tyler the designer demands your attention and is proving to be a force in fashion as much as in music. His unpredictable nature in all artistic endeavors will leave the world in awe of what he does next.

Pharrell williams

It’s hard to find someone in the music industry with such an impressive career as the music icon himself: Pharrell Williams. Being one of the most in-demand producers since the early 2000s, collaborating with hundreds of other artists and being the man behind countless hit records, Williams has surely built a legacy in music, but he never wanted to stop there. Known for his deep involvement in fashion, whether he created his own or was the main co-signer on other emerging labels, Williams has been revered as an avant-garde style icon as much as a fashion mogul. music.

His personal journey in fashion dates back to 2005, when he and his manager Rob Walker teamed up with Japanese fashion designer Nigo to create the streetwear label. Billionaire Boys Club. With its skate-focused orientation, bold colors and classic astronaut logos, the brand quickly became one of the hottest streetwear brands of the day. In the following years, Williams and Nigo created ICE CREAM, a footwear subsidiary of the Billionaire Boys Club label, known for its graphic diamond and dollar designs as well as its vibrant color palette.

ICECREAM eventually grew beyond shoes and developed into its own full-fledged clothing line. Over the years, Williams has collaborated with a myriad of other brands and designers, including A Bathing Ape and Human Made – both created by a close collaborator Nigo – as well as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Moncler, Uniqlo and Adidas. Williams has always been known as an artist who has worked with almost all musicians under the sun, and the same goes for the fashion industry.

Kanye west

Arguably one of the most influential figures in pop culture of the 21st century, Kanye West has become a true icon of American culture through his acclaimed and highly successful musical career and, in recent years, his meteoric success in the fashion industry. His direct involvement in the fashion collaboration began in 2007 when he signed a deal with Nike to design his own sneaker, and in 2009 the Nike Air Yeezy was released to the public, available in three colourways.

Faced with issues with Nike over a fair royalty payment, West officially left Nike in 2013 following the release of the Air Yeezy 2, and he quickly partnered with Adidas to continue realizing his vision. In February 2015, West’s first collaboration with Adidas officially kicked off with his original Yeezy Boost 750 shoe, sparking unprecedented hype and searing resale value.

In October 2015, the highly anticipated “Yeezy Season 1” clothing collection with Adidas was officially released, the first complete clothing collection to come out of this collaboration. The line was known for its stripped down, baggy look and military aesthetic with its flesh color palette. Yeezy’s partnership with Adidas was hugely successful in its early days and continues to generate a lot of hype among sneaker fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Today, with more emphasis on shoes, Yeezy and Adidas have created dozens of sneaker models that continue to gain a lot of attention. More recently, West entered into a 10-year agreement with Difference, announced in the summer of 2020, to create the new “Yeezy Gap” clothing line, in the hope of pulling the retailer out of sluggish sales. Almost a year later, Yeezy Gap released his first play, the “Round Jacket”, as a surprise drop with little warning. A chunky, puffy jacket in a solid blue colourway, Yeezy Gap was officially in the works and has now released several other jacket colourways, as well as a range of solid color hoodies that were released later this fall.

The star power and societal influence of musicians in our culture is something that many artists have taken advantage of, including becoming a part of the lucrative fashion industry. In the era of self-branding, these stars have channeled their creative passions and forms of expression into new outlets and carried their artistic identity in new forms.


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