Nike sneakers worn by Spider-Man in Tom Holland


For those who haven’t noticed, Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, has a thing for Nike sneakers.

Tom Holland’s take on Spider-Man’s Friendly Neighborhood has been critically acclaimed with positive rave reviews surrounding every movie he’s appeared in. We cannot fault anyone for liking his interpretation. I mean we do too. It’s a modern take that manages to be light while still retaining a lot of wit and traits that we love to see in Spidey. Plus, with the nature of Peter Parker being a teenager you can relate to, it’s only fitting that, like any American teenager in the modern age, he is decked out in nice sneakers.

So far there have been three Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland as the main man, and the costume design has been superb. One thing eagle-eyed fans can point out is his respectable sneaker choices.

After leaving Spider-Man: No Path Home, it’s only fitting that we follow her footwear preferences over the years.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

In SpiderMan: Back home, Peter was presumably still growing in his style, so there weren’t many sneakers shown throughout the movie. However, there is some good content that we can respect, even if it hasn’t started to fully show its love for famous sneaker brand Nike.

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski RM Trainers (Black)

The Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski RM Skate sneakers are worn by Peter Parker and briefly shown in a Spider-Man: Homecoming scene. It wasn’t a clear plan, but the silhouettes are similar and we can assume that the skate shoes are a good fit for Peter given the nature of his job as Spidey.

Being on call for heroic tasks requires adequate preparation. Of course, having Ned around to cause a distraction is helpful in itself, but for those times when Spidey needs to get to the scene quickly, he needs shoes that can support his athletic movements. I don’t think there is a better choice than to equip yourself with a pair of Nike sneakers.

In Back home, he did not use any pair of Nike, but the SB brand. Nike SB sneakers are basically designed to be battered. This is thanks to the fact that these are mostly skating shoes. If there’s anything skateboarders tend to do, it’s give their sneakers a hard time. To help skate culture, Nike has created shoes that can handle this kind of intense footwork. Judging by the scene where the shoes were shown in the movie, Peter gave these sneakers some serious work.

Nike Peter Parker sneakers

Spider-Man: Far From Home

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, we got to see Peter Parker try out more familiar Nike kicks. As sneaker hypebeasts, we couldn’t help but rejoice when we noticed the pair he was wearing.

Sure, the people in the theater were weird, but these guys don’t see what we see!


Nike Air Max 1 White Black Wolf Gray Sneakers

In Far from home, Peter Parker meets a water elemental during his field trip to Europe. As a result, his whole class was in danger of being the victim of an attack. As a friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man out of his usual territory, and with his costume still somewhere in his luggage, Peter had to be content with his usual civilian clothes.

His clothes might not be the most athletic for this situation, but luckily he wore Nike Air Max sneakers.

The air pockets under the sole of the Nike Air Max are there to help athletes get a smoother stride on most terrains. They are also useful for comfort and portability.

At this point, fighting a water elemental, Peter didn’t really need to worry about slipping.

But also, there is another reason why we think young Peter could have had on the Air Max… In Far from home, Parker is seen trying his luck at becoming Mary Jane’s boyfriend. Maybe, just maybe, these sneakers were worn to help Pete feel a little less sure of his size when he stood next to her. If there’s one thing the Air Max can do, it’s add a little extra punch to your walk!

Nike Trainers Tom Holland Spider-Man No Way Home Nike Trainers

Spider-Man: No Path Home

Spider-Man: No Path Home is the conclusion of Peter’s high school, turning into adulthood as he becomes a more seasoned superhero. From a parallel observation, we can also see that Spider-Man has become a sneakerhead here.

Air Jordan 1 Retro Neutral Gray: Hyper Crimson

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Sneaker Neutral Gray / Hyper Crimson

In case you aren’t sure where we’re coming from, these sneakers symbolize the maturity of Peter Parker. Unlike previous movies where his sneakers went under the radar, the trailer for No way home was excited by the nostalgia to see Spider-Man’s original villains return, and also to see a traditional sneaker culture represented.

The Jordan 1s are already an acclaimed pair of sneakers that come in a variety of colourways. Retro Highs with red and black are probably the most popular type of Jordan. However, there is a level of respect for sneakerheads who are able to rock unique and more specialized colourways, while still looking quite successful.

In No way home, Peter Parker is that sneakerhead who demonstrates a good level of understanding of sneaker culture. Of course, he’s still got a lot to learn given that he likely crumpled his Jordans by bringing him and MJ to that rooftop, but we can’t help but be proud of how far we’ve come.

In the Spider-Verse shoes

The Nike sneakers in the Spider-Man movies

The sneaker culture in superhero movies and TV shows will always be celebrated and loved, and we can’t help but take our hat off to Sony for the subtle storytelling they presented in Peter Parker’s sneakers. over the years … or maybe we read too deeply?


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