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Somewhere in this no man’s land of mistrust and bad faith that we all experience today, there has to be the protective cover of reason and honor.

Our country has been eroded in the eyes of the world because we have let slip, principle by principle, everything that we claim to defend. We have done this in our private lives and, in turn, in our public institutions.

We did this under the illusion that we are playing the system with shortcuts to win when we don’t seem to know each other well enough to recognize what real winning looks like. Winning is like pride. Her face is a smile, not a smirk.

It’s counting all your golf shots and always getting a good score. It is making a sacrifice to help a friend. It is being completely honest with ourselves and seeing the truth.

We defined our country in an explosion of idealism and pragmatism that was embodied in our Constitution. He gave us something to guide us when human nature might betray us. It has given us something to believe about ourselves, something worth saluting and defending in football matches.

We took honor from the rarefied air of dreams and hope, wrote it with our best hand, and believed that its beauty would sustain us forever. We don’t seem to see this beauty anymore. Dreams and hope are linked to the future and this, for various reasons, is an uncertainty for all of us.

In the land of the here and now, we have a culture populated by actors and salespeople, whether their business is soap, condos, payday loans, politics or… you name it. We’re told we’re worth it, we should have it now, and we should have it all. We came to believe that and that’s how we became what we are: short-sighted, greedy, and dissatisfied.

The ongoing impeachment trial is a highlight in testing whether we can achieve what we say we stand for.

It’s not just a few days that history will barely notice. This is a benchmark test of whether we, individual by individual, can break through the traps of tribalism and myopia to once again demand honesty from ourselves and our representatives.

Right now, the fundamental openness of our democracy is under serious threat. In our most solemn judicial processes, evidence and witnesses are restricted, not only to guarantee a verdict (this is almost assured in the GOP-controlled Senate), but to make sure people don’t even have a clear overview of what took place.

The president’s party will not let its own people be called to testify (Mick Mulvaney, John Bolton, etc.). Contempt for subpoenas and the burial of general documents is tolerated by the GOP.

Democracy cannot operate in the dark.

We are treated like fools. Some of us are supposed to swallow anything to party. More recently, President Trump said, for example, that he didn’t know the shady middleman, Lev Parnas, and was sticking to that story despite loads of newly released photos of them teaming up. .

It should be hard to quell, even for an audience that has been trained to double down on lies since the pitiful inflation in crowd size on the President’s inauguration day.

Loyalty has its place but it can be misplaced, and that’s the working premise that this impeachment trial is being led by Mitch McConnell and company. “As long as we can keep our boys crazy, they’ll look away.”

Well, the “other way” is to let go of what’s left of our principles.

You decide.

You will never have a more important opportunity. And if you can’t wake up to stand up for America now, we don’t see why you should get up from your seat the next time the national anthem airs.

Gasconade County Democrats Club


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