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While many labels take the bigger is better mentality when it comes to branding, some don’t. Take Levi’s for example. All it takes is a quick flash of the brand’s iconic red tongue stitched on the back pocket and you know you’re dealing with the best denim in its class. But to get that kind of recognition, Levi’s Red Tab has been around for a long time and has gone through many different iterations. From its roots in rugged workwear, to its life as a pop culture icon, and now its Red Tab Sweatshirts, this little red tag has always been a certificate of quality.

Billed as the last word in head-to-toe fleece, Levi’s Red Tab sweatshirts feature crewnecks, hoodies, sweatpants and track shorts, all made from super soft cotton terrycloth. Using a range of clothing dyes and patterns, Levi’s brings a touch of vintage quality to the collection. Best of all, the ability to mix and match your Red Tab sweatshirts means they’re a must-have choice whether you’re at home or on the go.

Heavy cotton constructions finished with faded garment dyes are nothing new to workwear, so it is only natural that they are the founding qualities of the Red Tab Sweats collection. In fact, it’s surprisingly easy to trace these workwear ideals between the original Levi’s and the recent drop: Designed with a wear concept, Levi’s Red Tab sweatshirts are defined by the simplicity of traditional workwear.

Workwear is one of the most enduring styles of modern times. You can see his influences everywhere you look. From Italian luxury to American streetwear, it’s a fundamental aspect of the modern wardrobe, and it is also constantly evolving alongside the modern wardrobe. Levi’s Red Tab Sweats collection incorporates the versatility that propelled workwear into the realm of style, making it the clearest evolution of Levi’s heritage we’ve seen in a long time.

Whether you are relaxing at home, working, or going out, there are a plethora of combinations using the Sweatshirts as a base that will get the job done. Thanks to the high quality dyes and patterns, it’s easy to style your Red Tab sweatshirts up or down. If you’re going out, you can pair your sweatshirts with a classic oxford shirt for an informal yet sharp take. Try wearing the iconic Levi’s trucker jacket for a rock-solid transition to fall, or, on the other end of the spectrum, go for the full jumpsuit for an easy win when you’re at home.

While full tracksuits have long been ridiculed for laziness, Levi’s Red Tab Sweats selection gets around that hurdle with its washed-out palette. You can mix and match colourways to ensure your coordinated fit has a bold personality or keep it uniform for a traditional retro sportswear finish. The collection gives you complete freedom to express your personality by using the sweatshirts as building blocks.

“We wanted to create an effortless and comfortable new sweatshirt for everyone. It takes inspiration from pieces we found in our archives with a ’90s look and feel, with more relaxed proportions and style but designed for today. They are comfortable and cozy, perfect to wear and wear everywhere. We have captured quality, freshness and comfort all in one. Says Karyn Hillman, Product Manager. All-in-one quality, freshness and comfort are a lot like the key qualities that Levi’s red stitching has become synonymous with. The new collection may look a lot different from the battered denim of the past, but it’s basically cut from the same fabric. You are watching the new era of the classic red tab.

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