RESPECT. Interview: La La Anthony reveals a sneaker she needs in her collection, eBay’s “The Sleigh Drop”, current favorite hip-hop album + more

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Earlier this month, eBay announced “The sleigh descent”- a series of sneaker auctions offering exclusive access to some of the coolest collections in the world: those of La La Anthony, DJ Skee and Jacques Slade.

The Sleigh Drop is a series of drops, which started with some of DJ Skee’s sneakers. SoleStage has listed hundreds of pairs of Skees, including the Off-White x Air Jordan 1 Retro High and the Nike Air Yeezy 2 NRG “Pure Platinum”, and more shoes in its collection will be released every Friday in November. La La Anthony’s sneaker drop will go live tomorrow with a portion of the proceeds going to Girls Inc. Shoppers can view all of eBay’s “The Sleigh Drop” sneakers now on

We had the chance to speak with American TV personality, author, businesswoman, producer and actress La La Anthony to discuss “The Sleigh Drop”, a sneaker she needs in her shoe collection, albums. currently favorite hip-hop + more.

Enter the interview below.

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Speaking at the sale event, Garry Thaniel, general manager of sneakers at eBay, said:

“This party looks really different, and these drops give sneaker enthusiasts access to some highly coveted pairs that you can’t get anywhere else. Supply chain challenges have reshaped the season and shoppers are looking for the rare, the unique and the hard to find, especially when it comes to passionate categories like sneakers.

Image Credit: eBay

How is your life going during this holiday period?

La La Anthony: Uh, it’s getting a little hectic. You know I’m a last minute shopper like a last minute buyer or gift giver so like last week I’m trying to cram everything. I just work, you know, a lot, so it’s hard to do that before. So right now I’m kinda in a panic mode just thinking. So far I haven’t done a lot of shopping yet, but I’m trying to do it and trying to stay calm the whole time. But it’s also a great time, I’m such a person on vacation just to reflect on family, love, and blessings. It definitely puts me in that mode and just being here with my son really, you know, thinking about how blessed we are and everything like that. It’s definitely not that we don’t do this all the time, but it’s definitely the time of year for a lot of it, especially as the New Year approaches.

You are therefore collaborating with eBay for “The Sleigh Drop” where you will give buyers exclusive access to your collection. Can you name three of your favorite kicks from the collection? I know it can be difficult, but could you name three?

La: I gifted a swim monkey collaboration hat to my friend Lenny S from Roc Nation. And they have our names sewn into the side and stuff, I thought they were really, really cool, but I partied with them, wanted to do something cool for someone else. And I also felt like for them to have something with my name sewn on it would be like taking a piece from my collection. So this was my favorite to give definitely. And then I just gave away a classic pair of black Yeezys, I feel like everyone should just have a solid black Yeezy pair that they can wear to work. You can wear it, especially if you live in the city, like it’s the most comfortable shoe to walk on when you go, you know, from block to block. Sometimes you just need a good everyday sneaker, like sometimes you just want a sneaker. And there was a Jordan 1 that I really liked and gave away just because I’m a fan of, you know, Jordans and stuff like that. So it was one of my favorites that I also gave away.

How did eBay contact you for the collaboration / partnership?

La: It was just cool, because I think like, you know, as more and more women get recognized and in space, I guess they thought of me, which I found. really, really cool. And you know, I was honored and they heard about my sneaker collection and how much I love sneakers. And it was just a great way to really give back, especially while on vacation. I mean we should be doing stuff all year round, but especially during the holidays it’s always nice to feel able to give back and do something good for someone else. So when I was approached by them, it was definitely something that I wanted to be a part of because that’s what I am, you know, giving gifts to others. And if you are going to do it, now is the time of year to do it.

May I ask you if there is a sneaker that you don’t have that you possibly need to put in your collection?

La: You know, with the unfortunate passing of Virgil and all the amazing things he’s done, my collection is amazing. I’m honored to own so many pairs of sneakers he has designed, but I’m sure there are more that I would love to grab just as a reflection of him and all the amazing things he’s done. in art, in the sneaker space and just, you know, in culture in general. So that would be something that would cross my mind, even though I have a few great ones of her amazing mind, you can never have too many.

So we are a Hip-hop magazine, I want to ask you this question. Could you name an album that you played heavy on your playlist?

La: I enjoyed the drop of A Boogie, just a quick EP. Yeah, it’s called ‘B4 AVA’ and I love this one, like I’m a Boogie fan, so I was really enjoying his album. I love Summer Walker’s album. I know it might not be Hip-Hop, but there’s, you know, hip-hop artists on it, but I really listen to it a lot. I still listen to Drake’s album, Kanye, I still listen to Meek Mill’s album. These are like some of my go-2s at the moment. I’m looking forward to Roddy Rich’s new album. Oh yeah, I have a couple that I’m ready for.

What does the word RESPECT mean? does mean to you? What is your main definition of this word?

La: I think respect is just treated the right way. To me, respect is just treating people the right way, no matter where they come from, whatever their status, whatever their, you know, their financial situation, just knowing how to treat people the right way. And I think respect goes so far for so many people, like people want to be respected even more than they want to be loved, you know what I mean? So I think that’s such an important thing, respect for me is just understanding what it means to treat people the right way.

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