The Best Vintage-Look Cop Sneakers on eBay Right Now

It’s no secret that retro silhouettes are on the rise. Brands like New Balance have been leading the retro aesthetic for some time, re-releasing classic silhouettes and combining the old with the new. Other brands such as adidas and Nike have also recently followed suit, as pancakes such as Cortez and Waffle once again take center stage.

Sometimes the old ways are the best. But how can you be sure that a retro drummer is 100% legit?

Well, look no further than eBay Authenticity Guarantee. Already a huge hit in the luxury watch industry, the site’s online promise involves a rigorous process that ensures the sneakers you buy are the real deal. Led by top industry experts, eBay opened six authentication centers around the world where each sneaker specialist checks the product and packaging for signs of counterfeiting. Once the legitimacy of the sneaker is confirmed, they attach an NFC digital authenticity tag. So far, the six centers have authenticated more than 1.5 million pairs of sneakers from around the world.

So, with vintage sneakers in mind, here are 5 silhouettes that hail from years past, plus modern adaptations and homages, which are available to buy now at eBay*.

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