The Evolution of Kanye West’s Style: “University Dropout” to “Donda”


It seems that with the release of every new Kanye West album, a new era of his personal style has also been born. It’s crazy to think that almost 20 years after releasing his first album, Dropout from college, Kanye still defines the zeitgeist of fashion today. Admit it, you certainly bought a pair of blinds at the end of August after seeing Yeezy wearing a pair. And don’t even act like you never wanted to wear that Givenchy Rottweiler t-shirt he wore during the Look at the throne tour or iconic sound Pablo’s life merchandise. From Polo Bear sweaters, Maison Margiela masks, Yeezy Adidas sneakers and now oversized Yeezy Gap puffer jackets, Kanye’s style has never stopped evolving. And his eclectic tastes for haute couture and streetwear have led him to major collaborations with Adidas, Nike, Louis Vuitton and now Gap. And while emerging rappers become the new style icons of this generation, Kanye’s influence on the way people dress is not disappearing. Just look at how he got Travis Scott to wear those crazy face masks that he recently used to hide his face.

To celebrate the upcoming release of DONDA we have followed the evolution of Kanye West’s style. From his preppy College Dropout cuts to the edgy pieces he wore throughout the Yeezy era.

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