The most popular basketball in each country


Eeveryone has their favorite sneaker. Whether it’s a classic Converse or Kanye West’s infamous Yeezy 700, we all have that silhouette we prefer or one that we keep coming back to.

But have you ever wondered what the rest of the world is thinking? We certainly did, which is why we ranked the most popular sneakers on the planet to see which brand and style reign supreme. Did your look make the list?

The world’s most popular sneaker brands

The sneakerhead community is, by far, one of the most passionate and loyal communities, each with their favorite brand that they live and die for. With outsiders like New Balance starting to steal some of the limelight, we decided to take a look at the hottest research and pit them against each other to crown the ultimate market leader.

Each country has its particular preference, with Nike booming in Belgium (among many others), New Balance in vogue in Hong Kong and adidas in the lead in Turkey.

Nike is the number one sneaker brand

It is perhaps not surprising to see Nike taking the number one spot. They’ve been producing iconic shoes since 1964, including the Nike Air Max 270 and Nike Air Force 1. Any sneaker fan will have a pair of Nike in their wardrobe, or two, or three. We will not judge.

It’s another Nike brand that arrives as the second most popular brand in the world, this time with Air Jordan. Named after iconic basketball superstar Michael Jordan, they were first made exclusively for him in 1984, and didn’t go on sale to the public until a year later. The first model was banned by the NBA, but many, many new editions later became a top-flight brand around the world.

adidas comes in third, ending Nike’s monopoly. Founded by Adolf Dassler in 1924, the brand’s first products were made in his mother’s house. Now they’re worth around $ 25 billion. Mom would be proud.

The silhouettes that the world can’t get enough of

The silhouette of a sneaker is what defines it. The curve of the heel, the pop of the tongue, rising or not; it all makes a huge difference to your overall look and the way you wear it.

Nike takes the lead again here, with the Nike Air Force 1 setting the tone. This distinctive, streamlined silhouette is unmistakable, making it perfect for field performance and street styling.

In second place is the Nike Air Jordan 1, another basketball sneaker that has soared from the courts and into mainstream fashion, while the Nike Air Max 270 completes the top three.

The Yeezy 700 is Kanye’s highest entry, backed by numerous celebrity endorsements and the unique and much sought-after “Wave Runner” colourway that helped start the daddy’s shoe revolution in 2017.

The United States of sneakersheads: America’s favorite sneaker

Every state has a style they’re proud of, and sneakers are no different. Our map shows which brand is thriving where, highlighting how some are dominating (hi Nike) while others are on the rise.

Our research shows that while Nike still reign supreme with the Air Force 1, a new rival is challenging them for the title. Yeezy quickly became a favorite in the United States with the recent addition of Slides, part sneaker and part sandal, ranked as the second most wanted sneaker in the United States. They sold out on release day after a huge media surge, and it might not be long before we saw them become America’s favorites.

Of the top 10 silhouettes, five are from Nike, with Air Max 97s and Air Max 90s showing how a brand can truly dominate the market. There are late appearances for Vans Slip On and New Balance 574, while Adidas once appears on our Ultra Boost hit list.

Nike Trainers Rule Supreme

It’s clear which brand of sneakers everyone is talking about right now, and that is Nike. We can’t remember a time when they weren’t the kings of shoes, with their incredible collections, celebrity supports and groundbreaking collaborations keeping them effortlessly relevant, on-trend and cool.

Nike doesn’t make a bad pair of sneakers; style is in their DNA, but some of their looks are proving to be more popular than others. Virgil Abloh’s Nike Dunk collaboration is one of the most publicized with a range of distinctive looks making every street a catwalk. Stüssy x Nike is the second most requested, with rugged Gore-Tex completing the brand’s three best collections.

Partnerships contribute to the brand’s success. Just looking at their top 10, you can see Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott starring, as they even teamed up with a Netflix show to launch the Stranger Things line.

Current trend: sneakers on the rise

Fashion is changing and with so many new styles released by big and independent brands, the styles of sneakers are changing as well. If you believe what the connoisseurs are saying, 2021 will be the Year of the Dunk, and with a 204% increase in searches, who are we to disagree?

The New Balance 327 also seems to be on the right track, with the classic and contemporary look having seen a 245% increase in interest recently.

However, it’s Yeezy that people just can’t stop talking about. Yeezy Slides seem to be taking the world by storm right now, which might explain why they are seeing a 400% increase in interest. It’s a new look from a trendy brand, backed by some of the biggest names in sports, music and entertainment. Will you soon be sliding your feet into a pair?

Stay on trend with our latest sneaker collections

We stay on top of all the latest sneaker trends to help make sure your feet never go out of style. We’ll show you what’s hot, what’s hot and where you can buy all the best looks at the best price.

While Nike is on top today, we’ll show you what to expect tomorrow.

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