Tom Sachs and SSENSE Space Program: Retail Lab and Products


Tom Sachs is probably best known for his Nikecraft sneakers and collaborations, but the space age artist has an overall practice that is more than just collectibles. In short, Sachs invites fans inside his studio – or, at least, a recreation of it – via the Space Program: Retail Lab exhibit.

A fraternal show to Sachs in progress “SPACE PROGRAM: RARE EARTHS” At Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Space Program: Retail Lab (SPRL) is a digital and physical event that touches on all aspects of Sachs design production.

The SPRL will launch simultaneously on SSENSE website and at its Montreal outpost. As the name suggests, there is a much bigger retail element to this activation than Sachs’ regular space programs.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Sachs is just making a profit. The specific installation at the SPRL site in Montreal will offer visitors the opportunity to explore Sachs’ worldview through different lenses.

On the one hand, SSENSE explains that guests “can undergo exercises to digitally indoctrinate themselves in Studio code,” which reads a bit of worship but is actually a series of “missions” and online-only tasks that can be traced by checking the SPRL log.

Sachs really pushes for total immersion, much like the training program followed by astronauts. The SPRL is not that intense but that’s the general idea.

Works by Deveral of Sachs will also be on display, including the refurbished LEM panel United States and Tome Ishi, a space rock recovered from 4-Vesta asteroid. Far away, man.

Guests can also get up close and personal with Sachs’ inimitable industrial designs, like the NASA Seats (it’s more than just a folding chair!), Shop Chair, a custom G-SHOCK watch, and Leatherman Charge + All Purpose Tool designed according to its specifications. These are all up for grabs in the SSENSE store and online, although only in-person attendants have a chance to experience Sachs Nikecraft products and the in-house Fanny Pack Pro bag.

Deichtorhallen Hamburg and SSENSE Montreal will also offer a companion zine, as is standard for Sachs. Once again, immersion!

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