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Shortly after returning to the NBA as a member of the Suns a decade ago.
Because Tucker’s reputation in the basketball community often precedes him, this character has grown over time.
The undisputed king of NBA sneakers is now Tucker. At Tucker, rarity and beauty often stand out when shopping for on-court sneakers.
The Houston Years Prior to the 2017-18 season, Tucker joined the Rockets after a brief stint in Toronto.

Shoe launch

Tucker released the 2014 Air Yeezy 2 “Red October”, the Air Jordan 2 designed specifically for Richard Hamilton in the 2008-09 season, and a 2003 Charles of Barkley Nelly edition in his first season with the Rockets.

Cost of sneakers
The most recent Oregon Jordan 5s sold for $14,000, while the “Red Octobers” sell for around $15,000-20,000.
This price makes it reasonable given that only 5,000 would have been produced.
Tucker was proclaimed king by SLAM magazine in 2018 considering at least one of the 5,000 pieces was worn on an NBA court. Tucker stands out for his adaptability, which is an uncommon breeze.

Old or fashionable shoes?

Tucker dons some of the most controversial sneaker styles as well as cult classics because he loves what he wears. It would be one thing to just wear old shoes or have the trendiest collection of shoes.
Tucker, a Tar Heel State native and Texas alumnus, donned a custom Air Jordan 4 specially designed for UNC student-athletes and staff during a Rockets-Hornets game in Charlotte.

The LeBron and Jordan PEs that stunned them are just two of the many shoe icons Tucker admits to wearing.
On Christmas 2019, Tucker began work on Mark Wahlberg’s “Wahlburger” Air Jordan 4, a shoe that had 46 pairs in circulation and cost over $15,000 at the time. Tucker claimed he sent 110 pairs of sneakers to the hotel when the NBA moved to Walt Disney World to continue the season in 2020, and he continued to add to the total while there.
Tucker is getting his gamer exclusives, like the recently released Kobe 5, as part of his sponsorship deal with Nike.
His NBA shoes are valuable because they may never be purchased.

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