Where to buy the Nike Air Force 1 Low Boricua shoes? Release date, price and more details explored

Nike Inc. is celebrating Puerto Rican Day 2022 with a fresh take on its iconic Nike Air Force 1 Low silhouette. Dubbed “Boricua”, the latest colorway is introduced in honor of this year’s Puerto Rican National Day, which was observed on June 12, 2022.

With the release of their next rendition “Boricua”, the shoe brand has been trying to make amends to Puerto Rico since their dedicated 2019 and 2020 releases were rooted in controversy.

The upcoming Nike Air Force 1 Low “Boricua” shoe edition will release in June 2022. While the exact date is yet to be confirmed by the shoe brand, the shoes will retail for $120 each. Nike’s online stores, as well as a few affiliate sellers, will offer these playful sneakers for purchase.

Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘Boricua’ Colorway Celebrates Puerto Rican National Day 2022

Take a closer look at the imminent release of the Nike <a class=Air Force 1 Low (Image via Nike)” data-img-low=”https://staticg.sportskeeda.com/editor/2022/06/903de-16552181082980-1920.jpg” data-src=”data:image/svg+xml,”/>
Take a closer look at the imminent release of the Nike Air Force 1 Low (Image via Nike)

The American sportswear juggernaut is known for paying special homage to different corners of the globe in the form of bespoke sneaker designs. Over the years, the swoosh label has paid homage to American territory with different reinterpretations of its popular silhouettes, including Air Max 97, Nike Air Force 1 Low CMFT and Nike Air Trainers 1, to commemorate Puerto Rican National Day.

Due to the underlying issues with previous launches, the company has not been particularly successful in its business. The new colorway release for Puerto Rican Day 2022 is their way of making repairs in Puerto Rico.

These AF1s have a nice color palette including light blue, purple, pink, soft green, white, orange and bright red. The mismatched pastel colorblock covers the upper perfectly for a cheerful look.

For the unfamiliar, Dominoes is a popular game in Puerto Rico. Keeping this in mind, the shoemaker designed the toe caps to have numerous perforations resembling domino dotted patterns.

The toe area of ​​each shoe is colored blue and orange. Likewise, contrasting eyelets are fashioned in pink and blue. Besides, the domino pattern is also used to make lace dubraes. While one features a domino, the other features “Puerto Rico” typography.

The tabs also feature distinct shades. While one has a red tint, the other has a soft purple tint. Showing some similarities, both shoes feature white laces, Nike Air branding, pristine white midsoles, and dark blue outsoles.

2022 年 発売 予定! ・ オフィシャル イメージ ナイキ フォース フォース 1 ロー qs “プエルトリコ / ボリクア” (nike air force 1 weak qs “puerto rico / boricua”) [DX6504-900]fullress.com/nike-air-force… https://t.co/xx7mKRKn7Z

Perhaps the most attractive design element of this pair is the insole. Crafted in light blue, the insoles are loaded with graphics, featuring prints of “Mi Gente”, “Domino”, “Nike Air”, “Nueva York”, “Familia”, “Boricua”, and more.

Additionally, the panel swoosh adds a pop of white, while “Puerto Rico” branding sits on the right heel, overtaking the usual Nike Air logo. The model sits on a sleek white midsole and bright blue outsole, and all the different design elements come together for a bold yet sophisticated look. Finally, the shoes will arrive in custom packaging with a “Puerto Rico” printed envelope and “Familia” print inside.

If you’re looking to add summery pastel colors to your wardrobe, these sneakers might just be the ones for you. They’ll be released in June and you can pick them up for $120 through Nike’s official website.

Along with the aforementioned Nike Air Force 1, the brand also introduced the “Puerto Rico” iteration of the AF1 Low as part of the annual celebrations. These pairs dropped earlier this month on June 4, for $120.

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